Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Bob the Builder Cakes

I like to put photos on here (adds a bit of excitement to the dreary boredom of my writing!), and, although most of them won't be brand new, they are things that mean something to me. These two are of two VERY difference Bob the Builder cakes I recently made.
There's quite a funny story behind it. Somebody asked me if I would make a Bob cake for her little boy, Albert, which I agreed to do. I found and bought a book - for inspiration AND modelling help - all about Bob the Builder cakes. So far so good.............. until my now 4 year old (at the time 3 year old!), Archie, got hold of the book, went right through it, and decided he wanted me to make him the "snowball" cake for his birthday (which was on 28 Jan). I kept trying to put him off, offer him various alternatives, bribe him - anything........... but he was insistent. It HAD to be the snowball cake. Which to me, looked like the most difficult thing in the world. I was worrying over it so much. One of my friends even suggested I could make it an avalanche cake - just a BIG heap on a board.
Well, I tackled it - and, as you can see, it came out OK....................but I am glad it was only for one of "my own" - and not for a paying customer!!!! Archie was thrilled with it, and that's the main thing.
On another note, I am sitting here waiting (in the cold) for the boiler repair man to arrive. Last night, as I went to wash up, there was no hot water. I KNEW we couldn't possibly have run out of oil - it was only delivered last week. Anyway, the heating was working, so it wasn't that. So, I rang my WONDERFUL neighbour, Rob (you'll hear lots about him over the weeks and months, no doubt - he rescues me from all sorts of fixes!) who said it sounded like a valve had gone wrong, and that I needed to call the repair man. There we were, thanking goodness that we still had heating............when I noticed that the radiators were getting HOTTER AND HOTTER - so I had to turn the heating off too. I guess it might be more than one valve that needs fixing or replacing................ but I should find out today, as the repair man is coming over asap.

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