Thursday, 5 March 2009

Here are a couple of 60th Birthday cakes I did recently. Both for the same customer (but a month or two apart!) - one for her Dad, one for her father-in-law. She had told me what she wanted for the first one (the one with Poppy on), and then when she ordered the next one, she said she wanted a 60, in blue & white, for "Bill" (ALL the same as before), but she said "but can you make it a bit different to the last one please?"!!! Hhhmmmmm - well, I tried!
The reason I'm putting these on today is because I have another "number" cake to do today..... this time a 65 cake......and guess what - it's blue and white again, but at least this man isn't called Bill!
It's cold out again today - the car was completely frosted up this morning when we went out. Glad that heating got mended yesterday. It's quite amazing to me that my daughters will go to such lengths to avoid helping me de-ice the car. Normally they try to hide in the house until it's done - but this morning they made the mistake of getting out there before me............. but they STILL managed to get the better of me by saying they had spotted a pheasant on the woodshed and the sun was shining on it just right - so they had to take photos!! It's a hard life being a teenager, isn't it?

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  1. Oh Amanda, you do such a lovely job with your cakes!!! I had signed up for a sugar craft course up in Chester when I got my job down here at the Manor house, so I never did get to take the course, but always wish that I had. I envy anyone with that talent!!! It got very cold here today. Winter is revisiting us!