Sunday, 1 March 2009

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Well, when I say "Lazy" what I really mean is "worn out, but not finished yet"!! I've just taken a break from washing, ironing, housework and finding things for everyone else in here who think that I know where everything is!

So, last night I made some cupcakes (and a large sponge cake, at the request of Archie, my 4 year old son). I just about managed to get Alice (the 13 year old) to snap some photos of them before she took the box to her friend's house with her, and Archie devoured the summery one - having conveniently forgotten that the "plain" sponge was what he had asked for!

Alice stayed over at her friend's house last night, and this morning she reported that everyone loved them, her friend's mum asked if she could keep the card I had (very slyly!) popped in the box, and wanted to know if I take orders. Errr................YES! I'd LOVE to. I guess it will just take time to spread the word. In the meantime, my family have to be chief samplers...........which they don't seem to object to!

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