Wednesday, 4 March 2009

It's SOOOOO cold today!

OK - so this is an OLD photo...............but it FEELS like it's snowing here today it is so cold! Yes, the boiler repair man arrived yesterday.........and took TWO HOURS to diagnose what Rob next door had guessed it was in about 30 seconds over the phone. He then said that he would have to "try" to get the replacement part, but didn't know how long it will take because it's "rare". Just my luck...........having a rare boiler. Anyway, he managed to leave it so that we have hot water, but no heating - which sounded like a good idea (and IS - for the washing up!) BUT, none of us are brave enough to have a bath because of how freeeeeezing cold it will be once we get out!

Still, I managed to warm up in the car this morning. They have closed my road for "retexturing" and although the man who sits guard at the top of the road let me through, I got to within 100 yards of my lane and the workers wouldn't let me I had to back and take the diversion and go the other way.......which added 3 miles to my journey!! gggrrrrrr.

Well - I'll be back later - just wanted to get my thoughts down (and keep my fingers working LOL).

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