Monday, 2 March 2009

Tilt Shift Photos and other stuff

Well, have a look at this!! Less than 24 hours after seeing my first "TiltShift" photo (which is what I now know they are called), I've managed to do one of my own! To be fair, it wasn't exactly rocket science - there is a wonderful website that allows you to uploads your own photos and then it just gives it this it's a bit of a cheat really (but I still feel like I'm clever!!!). Here's the link to this fab website, if you fancy having a go yourself

You will notice that my photos is NOWHERE NEAR as good as Nigel's (below), but this IS my first attempt, and done with a photo that wasn't really that good in the first place! Incidentally, the photo is of the gorgeous gardens at Bressingham in Diss, Norfolk. We went there for a day in the summer - it's great. Steam train rides, a beautiful old carousel ride, a fantastic garden centre and the delightful gardens....something for everyone.

I haven't spent ALL day looking at photos to tilt-shift (if that's the right term). I've also had a productive day getting things ready for a cake I have to make later on in the week. I always thought I would hate making "number" cakes - and then someone asked me for a "60" a couple of months back. Then, the same lady asked me for another "60" (the first had been for her dad, the second for her father in law) a few weeks back. Now, someone else has asked for a "65" for her dad.......... so much for not wanting to do number cakes. Actually, I quite enjoy doing them - they are certainly a challenge when it comes to icing them. I also quite enjoy the fact you have a large board - so it gives scope for more varied decorations.

I am off to make dinner now - a slightly altered version of a Chicken, Cheese and Sage Tart that I saw on another blog. I say altered because I decided to save time and not make my own pastry, but to buy ready made filo pastry...also should be a bit more slimming than making my own!

I'll be back on here later with the verdict. Watch this space.........

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