Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Love is in the air.....

Today, I thought I'd show you some old cake photos - well, not THAT old - from just around Valentine's Day. The big heart shaped cake was made as a raffle prize for a fundraising event went to at the local village primary school. It was a really fun evening - a Mr & Mrs Night.... where couples competed against each other to see how well they knew each other. Some of the questions and challenges were a real test for the couples.....and I am so glad that I was just a member of the audience!
The other cakes were made as part of a gift for my Mum's birthday (which is on February 9th). I made lots of cakes (so I could try out a new cake stand - more photos another time!) and she took lots home with her..........including a little pack I made for her next door neighbour....a delightful lady who has had a bad time of it lately one way and another. I made the little fabric basket that the cakes are in - and she can either use it for little odds and ends.........or send it back to me for a refill of cakes!
It's cold and rainy and horrible here today - just the day to stay in and snuggle up by the fire with a good book, or an old film on the tele, or both .......... with a cuppa and some cake! Of course, I have to make the cake first............so I think I shall go and do that now.


  1. Hi Manda, I found you on Marie's site, you're new to me! I love to make cakes too and did a two-year course in cake decorating, that was many years ago though. Your cakes look lovely, I particularly like the heart-shaped one, it's very pretty. Although I have four daughters they all have their own families and as my husband Peter and I always seem to be on a diet I don't make cakes on a regular basis now. I could make them for my youngest daughter's children but she doesn't like them to have too much 'rubbish' as she calls it and likes them to eat healthily so it's not often I make them. It's her daughter's birthday on the 20th though and she's having a tea-party so I will be making some pretty cakes for that!

  2. Ohh Manda, I'm happy to see that Pat has made her way over here. She's a lovely lady and she and Peter have been to mine for lunch before. I love your cakes. You do such a lovely job on them! Your cupcakes are especially pretty! DOn't you just love cupcakes? They are like having a special little cake, just for you!