Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Cookie Day

Today, I am making cookies - these are some "older" ones that I made - the mitten ones were for Archie to take into his nursery for his little friends as Christmas treats, and the flower and sailing boat ones were for him to take in when it was his birthday at the end of January. They were a real hit with his friends (and their mums!), so I thought I would make some to sell on Friday, for Red Nose Day. I'll show you the results later on. Luckily, it shouldn't be too difficult to just do some red noses!
However - I have managed to get myself into a little competition (just for fun - no prizes involved) on flickr, where I have a page for all my creations. I have joined up to several groups over there - and it is absolutely wonderful. The ladies there are so friendly and supportive - and always willing to share tips and ideas and their wealth of knowledge. Anyway, one of the groups I joined (it's called Flickr Bake-Off) does these "throwdown challenges" where 2 people agree to make something (for instance, just recently there has been a 3D car themed cake, a 3D animal and a baby shower cake) and then, they post photos of their creations, and everyone votes for which one is their favourite. Well, not being that brave (OR that talented!!) to take someone on "one to one", I decided to join in another challenge in a different group. This group is called "Sweet Treats", and the challenge is open to MORE than two people - currently there are 10 of us signed up for it - which I think will be nicer (especially for the likes of me, who probably wouldn't stand a chance of getting ONE vote if I entered the one-to-one competitions!). The idea is to make 6 cookies........3 to be Easter related and 3 to be Spring related. Photographs of these are to be emailed to one lady, who will then publish all of them next week for people to vote on.
So, obviously, I can't show you those cookies until after the competition is over, because I could be accused of cheating and getting friends to vote for the cookies they know are mine. But, as soon as the competition is over, I will post the photos on here........... unless I don't get ONE vote, in which case, I'll destroy the photos and not mention it ever again!
Still, I guess it's not the winning, it's the taking part that's important......and not everyone can win! At school, I was always absolutely hopeless at P.E. - I was that girl who was always the last one to be picked for a team! I thought I'd left all that behind me, until I went to my daughters' Primary School Sports Days.......... and heard some of the mums and how serious they were about the "fun" Mums' Race. I can remember even saying to one lady "well, if there weren't those of us who take part just for FUN, then YOU wouldn't be a winner". I always felt really sorry for her little boy, who was clearly better at academic things than physical activities, as she used to yell at him and get really cross with him when he came stumbling in last! I'll think of little Jamie when I am lagging behind in the voting for the cookies!!

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  1. That sounds like a really fun group to belong to Amanda. I had uploaded some pictures to Flickr, but then couldn't figure out how to post them onto my blog. SO I mainly stay with photo bucket coz I can figure that one out!