Sunday, 8 March 2009

Smiley Sunday

Here is a photo that always makes me smile. This is my dear little Archie when he was less than a year old - he turned 4 in January, so he looks a bit different now. Oh, he was SUCH a cutie when he was a chubby little chap like this. He absolutely hated the bath when he was a tiny baby, and it wasn't really until we got him this little seat that he started to enjoy splashing about in the water. He is such a dear little boy, and has brought us all a lot of joy and happiness.
I haven't time for much of a natter today - it's been kind of hectic. The usual weekend laundry and everything else - plus the drains blocked up that all had to be dealt with. Rob to the rescue again (that wonder - neighbour, who even has his own set of drain rods!).
Oh well, off to get on with dinner now.............and then some ironing! Lucky, lucky me.

1 comment:

  1. What a cutie pie!! He looks so happy and adorable. I love his name! I have always loved the name Archie! Hope tommorrow is a better day for you and not as hectic!